Commemorating a Life Well-Lived

Reaching retirement age is a true achievement; especially in the modern world, where logistical realities tend to keep people running the rat race their whole lives. Even if you plan for retirement, factors beyond your control can undermine that, forcing you to work again. So if you’re able to legitimately retire, that’s a big deal, and should be celebrated.

If you know someone who has recently retired, there are a few different ways you can help them make the most of the occasion, we’ll look at three considerations here.

1. Throwing a Party

Quite a few retirement gift ideas are going to resonate with the recipients, but others might not. Things like flowers are a safe bet for most occasions where someone’s life is being celebrated, but your relationship with the retiree might suggest going with expensive options; what works best for your situation will depend on said relationship.

However, a party is a fine idea, because whether or not the retiree really has fun, they’ll know you had the best intentions in mind, and will understand this was your motivation behind throwing the event. Plus, such a party is a great excuse to invite friends and family of the guest of honor.

2. Not All RVs are beyond affordability

If there’s a retiree in your life who is looking to travel the country, you might get them an RV. That sounds like a tall order, but you can pick up an old model relatively affordably; in the $5k to $10k range, and RV prices are trending down presently. Now that may sound pricey, however, new RVs can run as much as $100k+.

Some will buy a new model right out, but different retirees have different opinions here. This would be a big gift, and a fine way to commemorate retirement. It might not be the best gift, though. If you’re really close to the person, such an expense is in line. At any rate, for larger commemorative approaches, you’ll want to think outside the box a bit.

3. Putting Together a Memory Book

Retirement seldom happens when someone is under the age of fifty. Most people are in their sixties or early seventies before they hang up their “working guns”, as it were, for good. The official US retirement age is 66. It takes a while to get to that age, and lots of history accompanies the journey.

Well, you might collect varying items from the career of the retiree-to-be, put them together in a collection, and present them at the commemoration event. This sort of recognition can be received more eagerly than something like an RV, and will be only a fraction of the cost.

4. Recognizing a long life well-lived

Memory books, RVs, and retirement parties all represent fine ways to recognize someone’s journey through life. Ultimately, different individuals have different preferences; figure out what resonates with the retiring persons in your life, and do something special for them.